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NEW RELEASE!  I declare this will be, YOUR BEST YEAR YET!


This Book Has Everything you need to make 2021 your best year yet.



Your BEST YEAR Yet is a  PLANNER & WORKBOOK combined: it will help you navigate your year to success, one month at a time. It includes prompts that will lead to good success and on the right track to write your vision, set goals, and organize  your life.


It's over 80 pages of yummy goodness to help you PRAY, PLAN & PURSUE!

The planner pages include:

– A “This Planner Belongs to” page

– 1 Introduction page

– A Create Your Vision Page

– 1 page for Gratefulness

– 1 page Knowing Your Whys

–  Productivity & goal setting.

– Life in Proportion Wheel

– Pages with prompts for you to write your goals

– Favorite Quotes

– Scriptures

– I AM Statements

– VISION BOARD BOOK (with clear directives to help you maximize achieving your vision fast.)

– Your Mental Health

– Pages to define Your Dreams

– 12 illustrated pages for each month

– An undated monthly calendar page

– A “Monthly Goals” page

– Quarterly Checkup pages

– A “Reflection of the last month” at the end of each month.

– An “End of the month & beginning of the month reflection sheet” with questions & prompts”

– An “End of the year reflection assessment”


INSTANST DOWNLAOD!  I'm declaring, ' 2021 will be Your BEST YEAR Yet!'

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